Cosmetic Bonding in Park Ridge, IL

Cosmetic Bonding

There are many different ways to have a bright smile and in the world of cosmetic dentistry, often the best way to do this is with a simple solution. Cosmetic bonding is one of the easiest ways to cover up discolored teeth that don’t involve bleaching procedures or obtaining veneers. At our dentistry, we provide many different cosmetic options, and cosmetic dental bonding is an easy way to give someone a bright smile in about an hour. This simple, effective procedure lasts a long time.

Why People Need Cosmetic Bonding

When looking at a person’s smile, discoloration stands out. When a person has stains on their teeth, this could be from a variety of factors. Some of the factors could be genetic – for example, there are people predisposed to have discolored teeth. Other folks could have discolored teeth due to smoking or drinking coffee. There are a variety of environmental factors at play. Generally, teeth bonding is used for smaller-scale teeth whitening issues. It is also used for obvious ones as well, so if you have discoloration on the front of your teeth, then you are a prime candidate for getting cosmetic bonding treatment. This simple procedure is perfect for people who don’t want to go through bleaching and veneers for something smaller.

How To Get Cosmetic Bonding Near You

At our dentistry, we will begin with an evaluation. At that time our professionals may recommend cosmetic bonding because of how simple the procedure is and how small the area to bond is. The bonding is basically a compound that gets affixed to teeth. The surface of the bonded teeth feels as natural as the normal teeth. The dentist will mix the compound to get the right shade of teeth so that the bonded areas don’t stand out compared to the other, non-bonded surfaces. The dentist will smooth out the area and it dries pretty quickly. Just make sure not to bite into something really hard, as that may damage the bonding.

Get In Touch Today For Cosmetic Bonding In Park Ridge, IL

If there are any problem areas bothering you, call The Art of Dentistry in Park Ridge today. This is an easy way to learn if you are an appropriate candidate for cosmetic bonding.

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